Tips to help you rid of negativity

If you’re feeling a little clouded with stress lately and your funk has started rubbing off on your work, relationships and overall wellbeing, there are certainly ways you can go about clearing away negative energy.

Other than the basics like bumping up your exercise, getting enough sleep and eating healthy, regular meals – there are several less conventional things you can utilise to aid in the return of your happiness in no time

Whether it comes from work, colleagues, or from within, negative energy is never a nice thing to be harbouring.

Here are things you could try to help bring a big fresh wave of positivity into your life:


Much can be said for “plant therapy” and its ability to increase mood and breath fresh energy into a space. In nature, plants help to purify the air around them, so it makes sense they would do the same for energy.

Burn sage

The age-old ritual of burning sage to expel negativity has been adapted for many years due to the belief its strong scent overpowered previous aromas and thus, energies. The prominent smell has been known to wipe out reminders of previous scents, and replace it with a wave of new, positive intentions.

Soda and salt bath

Bathing yourself in neutralised water has been said to help balance out the body and restore a health pH level. Adding baking soda and soaking salts to a bath might even aid in neutralising your mentality and resetting your whole vibe

Change the frequency of your music

Tunes with a 417Hz has been associated with transforming negative energy into positive. Sounds of this frequency has been said to calm the mind and produce a “feel-good” sensation. People more sensitive to music have been encouraged to try out this tactic.

Have a good laugh

Switching on a funny movie and having a great belly laugh can do a world of good for your mental state. Laughing has the power to break up internal tension by releasing endorphins and breaking up the energy around you by creating waves in the air. Instead of letting things spiral out of control when you’re feeling negative, throw on a funny movie and get those feel-good hormones pumping. This might even help you feel motivated and expel negative emotions.

Lighten your space

Let in natural light and fresh air into your space by opening windows and doors. The air and sunlight might help move out stagnant energy and increase the circulation of the room. The sensation of moving air might also be helpful in inspiring your mind to move on from negative.

Light it up

Try noting down negative behaviours that aren’t serving you on a piece of paper and carefully burn the paper. When everything’s burnt and cooled off, scoop the ashes up and put them in a jar or bag to then throw out. This method could be useful in physically disposing of negativity, therefore allowing your mind to purge bad behaviours and start afresh.

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