How to get the most from your weekend

If you’re someone that spends all week thinking about Saturday and Sunday, only for it to pass in the blink of an eye, here are some ways you can make every single weekend a memorable one.

Instead of lazing around and flicking through Netflix, here are some things you could adapt into your weekend routine:

Keep an activity log

Note down the things you spent your weekend doing on a Sunday night and pay attention to the things you spent most of your time on. It might surprise you how much time you’re actually spending on mundane house chores, running errands and consolidating work from the previous week. You might like to think of ways you can inject more fun into your two days off, so you can return to work on Monday feeling truly revived and refreshed

Rise early for exercise

Get up nice and early and head straight out for your daily exercise, this way you’ll have it out of the way and you will start your day feeling accomplished and energised. Having a walk completed first thing will also pave the way for a more productive day and might even make it seem like it lasted longer.

Avoid sleeping in

Many tend to let long sleep ins take priority over rising early and being productive, and while an extra-long snooze can be great at the time, it could be what’s keeping you from getting the most out of your weekends. Getting out of bed at the same time on the weekend as you normally would on a weekday will help keep your body’s internal clock in check. An extra couple of hours sleep on the weekend might also interfere with the hours your having during the week

Commit to having fun

If housework, grocery shopping, errands and other chores are always going to take up at least one day of your weekend, make absolutely sure you set one day aside for yourself to have some fun. Smash out all of your adult tasks on one day, so the other one you have to spend with your friends or family, doing something you truly enjoy.

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