New kit boosting couples’ fertility fitness

For some couples, the journey to parenthood occurs with little to no hiccups. For others, falling pregnant can prove monumentally challenging. In fact, one in six Aussie couples trying to conceive will face hurdles and turn to professional help.

But there is good news! Australia’s first holistic pregnancy planning kit, developed by Australian fertility experts, is now available online and in pharmacies, to help fertile couples fall pregnant naturally, or to care for an ongoing pregnancy.

The conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit acts as a one-stop fertility shop by arming couples with the necessary tools and know-how to help kick-start their journey to natural conception. The kit provides a clinically-proven, holistic, four-step plan with supporting products and medical devices to support both male and female fertility.

Knowledge is power

Although many couples are choosing to delay their plans to start or grow a family these days, unfortunately the quantity and quality of the female egg and male sperm waits for no one.

This trend has spurred a rise in the number of Australians turning to reproductive technologies, such as IVF. In fact, since the early 90s, Australia has seen an almost four-fold increase in the number of IVF cycles.

While medical intervention is certainly necessary for some, for many others, simple lifestyle modifications – a healthier diet, more exercise and accurate ovulation tracking – can increase the chance of falling pregnant naturally.

Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist, Professor Bill Ledger, UNSW and Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney argues knowledge is power when it comes to conception.

“It’s important that couples understand the best age, the best time in the cycle, and best ways to improve their health and fitness, in order to optimise their chances of conceiving.

“This information is particularly relevant as women to continue to wait longer before deciding to try for a baby,” said Prof Ledger.

What is infertility?

Infertility is defined as a couple not conceiving after 12 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse, or the inability to carry pregnancies to live birth.

Age is the single most important factor influencing a woman’s fertility. The quality and quantity the females’ reproductive eggs decline incrementally with advancing age.

Senior Fertility Specialist and Clinical Director of IVF Australia, A/Prof Gavin Sacks, Sydney says men and women are equally affected by fertility issues.

“Forty per cent of infertility cases are due to a female-cause; another 40 per cent of cases are attributed to a male factor; and the remaining 20 per cent of cases to an unknown cause.

“While the potential causes of male and female fertility are many and varied, lifestyle factors, including nutritional intake, and timed sexual intercourse, play a large role in natural conception,” A/Prof Sacks said.

“Importantly, natural conception involves both parties being up to speed with the impact of health and lifestyle factors on reproductive health.”

According to Prof Ledger, men need to seriously consider their fertility fitness.

“Poor sperm quality can also reduce the chance of conceiving. Factors that improve sperm health include a healthy weight, smoking cessation, moderate alcohol and caffeine intake, minimising oxidative stress and optimal vitamin D levels.

“A daily supplement for men containing antioxidants, taken for a three-month period, has been shown to be effective in improving sperm health,” said Prof Ledger.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and RANZCOG (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) recommend all women considering, or trying to conceive should take a vitamin supplement containing folic acid and iodine.

A conceivepleaseTM bub

Gorgeous bub Alexander is the result of the conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit. When Alexander’s mum Aerin, 34, and his dad, Carl, began hatching plans to start a family naturally, Aerin turned to her friend, also a fertility nurse, for practical advice. The nurse encouraged Aerin to use the kit to help start her family, and within a month, she was pregnant.

“I remember feeling overwhelmed by the process involved in optimising my fertility and chance of natural conception.

“It was reassuring to be using a kit developed by fertility experts. It gave me peace of mind and assurance that we were doing everything we could from the outset, to correctly manage our fertility,” said Aerin.

“The kit is simple to use, and its contents and explanations are very clear.”

The conceivepleaseTM Fertility Kit is now available in pharmacy for RRP $130. Or you can hop online – – to learn more, or to purchase the kit, or the various items sold separately.

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