New Year’s resolutions that won’t end up stressing you out

Welcome to 2018! Have you written up your New Year’s resolutions yet? No? Good.

Rather than go to the typical (and sometimes unrealistic) route of ‘lose weight’, ‘learn a new language’, or ‘be more organised’, let’s shake it up a bit.

According to Psychology Today, a better way of going about your New Year’s resolutions is to focus on a singular behaviour instead.

How it works

Make a list of behaviours that you’d like to improve on. By behaviours, this means actions. Things like walking, eating healthy, and writing more. Pick one each day and focus on that. This might mean taking the stairs at the train station to get some extra steps in.

It’s much more manageable to work toward small individual goals per day than large grandiose ambitions!

Don’t forget to self monitor

Self-monitoring will make you more mindful of what you are achieving, and how. It’ll also allow you to give yourself a pat on the back for what you achieve bit by bit!

Most importantly, being kind to yourself should be one your New Year’s resolutions. We can make these goals that sometimes set us up for a feeling of failure and disappointment at the end of 2018, so instead, look within and try to pour your energy into the important little things in life.

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