Parkinson’s NSW launches unique awareness campaign

A new awareness campaign launched by Parkinson’s NSW this week, is allowing people to step into the shoes of those living with Parkinson’s disease. “No-Escape Room” is an interactive, digital experience involving specially designed puzzles that provide an insight into dealing with Parkinson’s symptoms in everyday tasks, such as pouring tea or using a computer mouse.

The campaign, which is aiming to shift the common misconception that Parkinson’s is a disease of the elderly, involved a trial by 15 escape room experts unaware that the room was in fact inescapable. The launch of the digital version of the escape room allows all Australians to experience the No-Escape Room for themselves.

The uniquely challenging puzzles in the No-Escape Room are designed to exhibit the impact of Parkinson’s symptoms, including memory loss, physical tremors, stiffness and confusion, on a person’s ability to complete everyday tasks.

Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative brain disorder, is often associated with older people, however one-in-five Australians living with Parkinson’s are of working age. Jo-Anne Reeves, CEO of Parkinson’s NSW, says it is important for the campaign to raise awareness of Parkinson’s among younger Australians.

“For people living with Parkinson’s, there is no escape from their symptoms and they often feel like they can’t escape the challenges associated with day-to-day activities and movements.

“We understand this can be hard to relate to, which is why we have launched this campaign, to allow Australians to step directly into the shoes of a person living with Parkinson’s,” said Ms Reeves.

Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease and the cause is still unknown, however vital research into these areas continues. The No-Escape Room awareness campaign aims to educate Australians about Parkinson’s, to ensure there is ongoing support for research into the disease and for greater acceptance and understanding of those living with it in the community.

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