How productive people return to work after a long weekend

A long weekend can provide a much-needed extra day of reprieve for hard-working professionals.

On returning after the three day break however, the most productive people recommend hitting the ground running straight away on their first day back.

Here are some common things successful people do after returning from a long weekend:

Waking up early

No doubt you have more on your plate on the first day back due to having fewer days in the office, so it’s a good idea to rise early and even get to work a little bit earlier than usual to tackle that “to do” list.

Double check schedules

Closely scrutinize your schedule and make sure you haven’t crammed too much into your work week due to having one less day. The last thing you need is to finish the upcoming week feeling exhausted and burnt out.

Organise your inbox

Spend a bit of time organising, but don’t overdo it. Just make sure still you’re efficiently using your time. It might be a good idea to set a small amount of time aside to respond to emails, but prioritise the ones that are time sensitive and consider getting back to the rest when you have a lull in your workflow later in the week.

Snap back to reality

While switching off your “work brain” for the weekend is immensely positive, once you’re back in the office, make sure you’re switching right back into work mode. Stay focussed and avoid unproductive activities.

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