Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health for World Oral Health Day

Did you know that a smile can tell the world a lot more about you than your happiness? Today –  March 20– is World Oral Health Day, and it’s time to open up, look in the mirror, ‘Say Ahh’ and ‘Act on Mouth Health’. 

Our oral health is a gateway to overall health and wellbeing. Oral health not only indicates the condition of our teeth and gums, but also the health of the muscles and bones in our mouths. It affects everything from the way we speak, eat, and socialise with others. 

Poor oral health is also linked to a number of other chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, oral cancers and lung conditions. 

Although many oral health conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss are no laughing matter due to the pain, discomfort and embarrassment they can cause, they are easily preventable at all stages of life. 

Some of the best ways to ‘act on mouth health’ include to: 

  • Focus on good nutrition such as limiting sugary foods and drinks as well as alcohol to prevent plaque from building up
  • Thoroughly brush and gently floss your teeth at least twice a day or after meals 
  • Drink fluoridated water and use a fluoridated toothpaste to prevent tooth decay where possible
  • See your dentist and oral hygienist for a at least once or twice a year for a clean and check-up, and as soon as you identify a problem such as sore or bleeding gums 

Visit the Australian Dental Associationto find out more, and make an appointment with your local dentist or oral hygienist to learn how you can act on your mouth health. 

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