The secret to feeling light as a feather

Most of us have felt that uncomfortable feeling of a bloated stomach at some point in your life (perhaps after overindulging at an all you can eat buffet or chowing down on that super-size pizza a bit too quickly??), but some people struggle with the symptoms on a more regular basis.

While it’s not usually a sign of something super serious, it can have a really negative impact on your day to day life if you’re always feeling uncomfortable.

The reasons for feeling bloated vary from person to person so it’s not always that straightforward to find a solution.

Given how common it is, there is a lack of consensus as to the most common cause of bloatedness (not sure that’s a word but we’ll roll with it…). One of the most popular explanations is an excessive build-up of gas in the digestive tract from swallowing too much air. This could be from eating or drinking too fast, chewing gum, smoking or from wearing dentures. When this happens, there is only one way for the gas to come out – through good old fashioned burping or flatulence!

You can feel so much better once you’ve been able to deflate, but if that doesn’t work then there could be a medical issue. Bloating can occur thanks to irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, food intolerance, hormonal flux or even stress so it’s best to go and see your local GP if it persists for more than a day or two or you’re in severe pain.

We’ve put together five simple lifestyle measures to help prevent bloating so you can go about your daily business feeling light as a feather!

  1. Avoid too much of certain foods such as cabbage, beans, lentils and broccoli. Even foods containing onion, garlic, wheat and lactose may contribute to bloating. Try cutting out one food group at a time to see which one affects you the most. 
  2. Limit the amount of carbonated drinks you consume. 
  3. Take your time eating and drinking and savour each mouthful. 
  4. Balance your intake of fibre – it can be good for constipation, bad for bloating. 
  5. De-stress through exercise, meditation or even trying some of LIV’s favourite activity – yoga!
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