Simple tricks for picking yourself up when you’re feeling glum

We rarely shy away from an opportunity to compliment our friends and colleagues, so why do hardly take time to do the same things for ourselves?

Perhaps you consider positive self-talk a bit ‘out there’, or maybe you believe its ineffective, or something that other people are into, but not you. 

It might be worth thinking again, as speaking kindly and encouragingly to yourself can alter your mindset in a powerful way. 

Here are some ‘non-cheesy’ mantras you can try out if you’re in the midst of a negative spiral, to keep one negative feeling from spoiling your entire day!

  • “You’ve slayed bigger dragons than this one”– remind yourself that you’ve jumped many hurdles in your life, and you are well equipped to tackle anything thrown your way
  • “You are strong and you’ve got this”– have a self-check. Remember your strength and how powerful you can be when you put your mind to it
  • “Figure it out”– this one goes hand in hand with, “where there is a will, there is a way”. Get out of your emotions and start thinking analytically
  • “What’s important now?”– Remove yourself from thoughts of the past and focus on exactly what things are important in the moment
  • “That moment is gone”– shift from feeling remorseful, sad or underwhelmed about moments past. It is behind you, and thus, unimportant
  • “I’m freezing you out”– when a negative feeling tries to take over, tell it that you are blocking it out because it is not useful to you 
  • “There is always a door number three”– this mantra essentially means you are never out of options. You’ll always find not just ‘a’ way, but ‘the’ way. There is always a door number three.
  • “Be a diamond”– Your emotions and body are up to you. Be a diamond. Unbreakable. Built under pressure
  • “Try me”– When life puts you in tough situations, don’t say ‘why me?’, instead say ‘try me’
  • “Where you look is where you go”– If you look at fear, you become the fear. If you look at the obnoxious roommate, you become the obnoxious roommate. This mantra helps to stay in control of your mind
  • “Will this matter in three months”– When you are bogged down by an issue and start feeling overwhelmed, take a moment to calm down by asking yourself if the situation will have any significance by the end of the day or in three days/months
  • “You’re doing your best”– When you’re hit with negative self-talk, say to yourself, ‘Most people are doing the best they can with the resources they have at the time — and that includes me’
  • “Begin again”– Sometimes all you need in order to change your mindset is to forgive yourself and move on. Whether it’s a diet, or a pattern of negative thoughts, remember you can always ‘begin again’ 
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