Sitting is the “new smoking”

In Western society it’s commonplace to sit – all day, every day. After breakfasting and dressing, we jump in our cars and head to work. Then we tend to sit at our desks all day long, or sit down for meetings, and conclude the day with a sit-down dinner.

Therefore, it may come as no surprise, that sitting is being hailed the “new smoking.” Chiropractors Association of Australia, SA Vice-President, Mario Stefano, recently cited that sitting all day leads to “devastating” effects, such as slowing down the way in which the body processes fats, spinal deterioration and muscle weakening.

According to the Government of South Australia, regular exercise won’t reverse the negative effects of sitting at work from 9am – 5pm, and those who sit for most of their day are at heightened risk of developing heart disease, obesity, elevated glucose levels and Type two diabetes.

As a health and wellness PR Company, we thought it appropriate to share the following tips with our friends, in order to get you back on your feet and to minimise the potentially devastating effects of long-term sitting. So, be sure to:

  1. Reach out for a glass of water regularly at work.
  2. Organise work meetings external to the office.
  3. Bring a frisbee to work to enjoy during your lunch break!
  4. Put a timer on your computer and/or phone prompting you to stand up and stretch every hour.
  5. Pack a messy lunch that requires you to duck into the bathroom to clean your face.
  6. Get off the bus or train a stop earlier than usual and walk to work.

Maintaining your health and wellbeing is critical to longevity, so be sure to stand up for yourself to help minimise the potential ramifications of backside inertia!

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