Could stress cause your teeth to fall out?

Following Demi Moore’s recent interview on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonin the US, the 54 year-old attributed the loss of her two front teeth from stress.


Confessing publicly about her experience, the popular actress thought it was important to share what happened because many are unaware of the full toll that stress can take on the body.


While a rare occurrence, Demi Moore would preferred it to have been caused by “skateboarding or something really kind of cool” rather than stress. But dental experts agree that stress can really lead to your most prized facial feature falling out.


The effect of prolonged stress on our bodies can lead to tooth loss and is associated with dental disease, primarily bruxism (grinding teeth or clenching jaws) or TMD disorders (persistent pain in jaw or gums).


Sydney-based dentist, Dr Steven Lin explained in the Sydney Morning Herald that stress can cause increase night-time grinding.


“The issue is caused by sleep breathing – the body pushes the jaw forward to open the airway and the result is we grind our teeth. I see patients that have ground their entire front teeth away.”


While most previously perceived stress to be physical due to excessive exercise, it is now primarily psychological thanks to work deadlines, strained finances, unrealistic expectations and a lack of sleep.


In order to stay calmer, here’s a few ways to keep your stress in check:


Go for a walk: Going for a stroll will clear your head and boost endorphins. Walking is a fairly mindless activity where something can hold our attention, but also allows a chance for reflection.


Step away from technology: If you are constantly online, it’s time to reconnect with nature and take a break from the anxiety social media can manifest.


Laugh: If you have a sense of humour, it has been found to lower levels of stress hormones, so giggle away!


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