Technology could soon read your mind. What are the health implications?

Exciting or foreboding? Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a headset that can essentially ‘read your mind’.

When we think, our brain sends signals to our mouth and jaw. The headset, aptly named ‘AlterEgo’, reads these signals and responds appropriately. At 92 per cent accuracy, it’s more than capable of following your every though.

Since we’re all about health here at LIV, we thought of some of the ways this could benefit our society physically and mentally. Keep in mind this is purely speculative, with a hint of science fiction!

1. It could give a voice to coma patients, or those who cannot speak due to degenerative disorders
2. We could seek out nutritional info on the go
3. Medical emergency and no one around? No need to mess around on your phone, your thoughts alone will ensure first responders are contacted
4. In a situation where you need an answer to an embarrassing health question? Just silently ask your AlterEgo

What do you think of new ‘mind reading’ technology? Leave a comment with your thoughts. In future, you may even be able to leave a comment by thinking about it.

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