First date on Valentine’s Day?

Have you put yourself out there and scored a first date this Valentine’s Day but are suddenly feeling like you might have bitten off more than you can chew?

With any first meeting comes a host of daunting feelings, so what you’re feeling is totally natural. 

But to prevent any initial nerves from getting in the way of a potential second date, here are some simple tips you might like to employ:

Choose date location wisely

Relationship experts encourage daters to be mindful of the location of their first meet up, as this can reflect the kind of relationship prospective partners see for each other. 

Think of ways an intense romantic dinner might set the tone for commitment, while low-key fun and flexible dates indicate a more causal and relaxed relationship.

Date options

Dinner date – sitting down for a meal in a sophisticated, dimly lit restaurant can be both intimate and romantic, so it’s no surprise this is a classic traditional date. 

Bar or coffee date – these are far less formal than dinner dates and are popular choices among singles due to their casual and flexible nature.

Picnic date – while still relaxed and casual, a picnic date provides a perfect platform for things to stay light and friendly, or get steamy and romantic.

Movie date – the old faithful movie date is another classic choice, however lacks opportunities to converse. Experts recommend combining a movie with a dinner or drink either side. 

Date tips 

Take care of hygiene – showering before a date is mandatory, also teeth brushing or at the very least popping in a breath mint. Make sure to apply deodorant and a spritz of cologne or perfume.

Dress appropriately – Wearing clothing suitable to the occasion is imperative, and experts say dressing up should always take preference over dressing down. 

Be on time – being late is a classic mood-killer, no matter which side of the fence you’re on. You definitely want to avoid making your date feel as though they might have been stood up.

Tick off dating essentials – be prepared with things like directions, money to pay for the date, and the ‘holy trinity’: gum, chap stick and condoms. 

While on the date

Few things are more awkward than a date that is awkward and doesn’t flow. Opt for talking about things your date loves and avoid basic questions like where they live and how many siblings they have, as these details don’t aid too much in creating attraction. 

Consider planning some back-up topics in case conversation starts running a little dry, these could include your dates favourite music, their goals, or guilty pleasures. 

If there’s no second date? 

Perhaps there were no fireworks in the initial date, which can be a brutal but totally natural reality. Avoid any serious heartbreak by not placing too many expectations on the individual ahead of meeting them. Don’t focus on what you’re going to lose, how embarrassed you might be, or how awkward you might make it – instead, just take a chance.

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